Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for your continued support for our services.

Now that the monsoon season is here, we are entering into one of the most difficult season for network operations. Heavy rains and cloudy conditions do play havoc and we jointly need to ensure smooth running of the network operations.

To minimize downtime, we have started performing maintenance checks of all network infrastructure at our end. It will help if you take care of the network equipment deployed at your premises, especially the CPE (Antennae).

Please remember that for some of the subscribers, the network equipment may be under warranty, however equipment damaged due to lightning or burnt due to voltage spikes is not covered by this warranty.

The network equipment provided at your locations is not manufactured by us, neither we are selling this equipment to you on behalf of the manufactures. Therefore we don’t have any control over the manufactures warranty, terms & conditions.

To avoid damage and loss of equipment, please:

  1. Ensure that your network devices are switched off during thunderstorms, lightning and heavy rain conditions.
  2. Ensure that electrical points are properly “grounded”
  3. Switch off devices, if you don’t intend to use internet over couple of hours. e.g. in the night for most of the subscribers.

In-case of any query or complaint, please write to

Vayudoot Team