Experience Free Wifi at Dharamshala – A Vayudoot Initiative

Free WiFi is something everyone craves for. These are those tech savvy times where internet data means everything. All you need to do, watch, listen or read is enabled through internet connectivity. Everybody loves free offers and when it comes to WiFi, we rush to type in numbers and start browsing.

Dharamshala is a budding smart city and it’s getting common to have free WiFi available around. Currently there are very few places where one can find free WiFi. Most of these places are powered by Vayudoot as an internet facility.

Not only this, Vayudoot has now collaborated with Shouut. You can now gain data points which can be redeemed when you run out of your usual data pack. With the help of Vayudoot, Shouut is also providing free and fast internet speed at cafes and restaurants across Dharamshala.


Vayudoot is an internet service provider enabling internet connectivity across inaccessible and far reaching villages of Himachal Pradesh. Vayudoot has already made its benchmark from Kangra District and has helped to bring masses in the light of internet era. Vayudoot is now spreading its wings across Himachal Pradesh and is also looking forward to connecting villages all over the country.

Connecting To Vayudoot Wifi

You need to follow the following simple steps in order to connect to free Vayudoot Wifi wherever you find one.


# 1: Turn on your Wifi and search for Vayudoot/Shouut Wifi

# 2: Connect to the Wifi

# 3: Enter your mobile number and click on the button denoting ‘get wifi’

# 4: You will get a one-time password as soon as you click on the ‘get wifi’ button

# 5: Enter the 4-digit OTP sent to you via SMS

# 6: Add any voucher code if applicable

#7: Click on ‘Next’ and you are good to go! You now have free Wifi!


After you are done using the free Wifi, Shouut will tell you how much data you are left with. You can use this data or convert it into points and redeem it whenever you run out of your usual data. Isn’t it awesome? You get free Wifi and free redeemable data in just a click.


There are so many times when we want to browse something but run out of data and are left asking for a hotspot from our friends and family. Vayudoot, in association with Shouut, takes care of this problem with a simple and easy to use solution.


Free Vayudoot Wifi Locations In Dharamshala:

Currently, Vayudoot and Shouut provide free internet connectivity in limited areas. But this connectivity is bound to grow in the future. Here are a few places where you can find and use hassle-free Vayudoot Shouut Wifi in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.


  • Maximus Mall, Chilgari.
  • Bakes and Brews, Sidhpur.
  • Hotel Meclo, Dharamshala
  • Sagar Ratna, Jawahar Nagar.
  • Municipal Corporation.


Still waiting? Visit any of this cafés & Enjoy Free Internet in Dharamshala!