Now You Can Pay Your Internet Bill Online

Confused about your Internet Bill? We are here to help!

Vayudoot Internet has paved a better way for bringing ease in Kangra’s modern life. Most of the paperwork is being digitized and availed online using Vayudoot’s high-speed broadband. The internet revolution has brought a new phase in people’s method of paying bills. Now, most of the people pay it online. Let it be electricity or water, internet acts like an ultimate source to fulfill all your needs.

Well, you can easily pay your Internet bill online using the following simple tips:

#1 Visit

visit website to pay internet bill

#2 Click “Pay Online” at the button visible in the top right corner of the website.

click here for internet bill payment


#3 You will be redirected to a special page tailored for your online bill payment. Enter your details and recheck them wisely before proceeding further. Don’t forget to enter your mobile number to receive your payment confirmation message.

Select right options for internet bill payment


#4 After you’re done filling out your details, click “Pay Now”. Now you’ll see our secured payment gateway where you can easily enter the transaction details. It’s totally your choice whether you want to use your ATM card, net banking or any money transfer app.

#5 When your transaction is over, you will be redirected to a “Thank You” page confirming your payment being received. To ensure it completely, we also drop a confirmation SMS on the given mobile number.


Enjoy browsing with Vayudoot, the most trusted local broadband service of Himachal Pradesh.

Our 24×7 helpline is always there to get you out of any confusion and help you pay your internet bill online. If you are a Vayudoot internet service customer, you can pay off your internet bill easily and quickly without traveling an inch.

Unlike typical broadband service providers, Vayudoot’s customer support also offers post-installation services which means all your internet problems belongs to us. You just have to let us know, we will take immediate action so that you enjoy our high-speed internet services without any interruption.