Vayudoot Rural Development Plan – Our commitment to rural Himachal

Ever since we began operations, rural Himachal has always been our focus. We have been making major improvements to our broadband services across Himachal, particularly with respect to providing better internet access in rural areas.

We understand that access to the internet is an essential part of the 21st-century infrastructure. To this year-end, we have now launched the Rural Development Plan with an aim to provide high-speed internet at affordable rates to people in the far-flung areas of Kangra district such as remote areas of Palampur, Nagri and surrounding locations. These are the initial zones and gradually we will expand into other areas.

Empowering Women & Students

The plan has two categories – the general and the subsidized. The subsidized plan is available only for the connections registered in the name of a woman member of the family and students. The unlimited data plan is priced lower than the general plan and comes with an assurance of excellent internet speed. The general plan includes attractive plans for home and office usage at very competitive rates.

With the Rural Development Plan, we look to empowering women and more importantly students of Kangra district by digitally connecting them to the outer world. Being unconnected puts student communities at a disadvantage. With good internet access, students will be able to catch up to their peers in well-connected big cities and help them compete for job opportunities going forward. Better internet connectivity will also aid local businesses and help people enhance their livelihoods.

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