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New Connections

How will you set up a connection at our place?

At your request, our technicians will visit your locality to check for feasibility of the connection. Upon confirmation of the feasibility and completion of documentation, the technicians will visit again with Vayudoot Installation Kit and set up the connection for you.

What is the cost involved in setting up a connection?

The installation cost varies on a case to case basis. However, some of the variables are:

  1. Installation charges Rs 500 per installation. In this, we provide cable up-to 10m.
  2. If the cable required is more than 10m then we bill extra for the cable as per actual.
  3. Security deposit depending on the device to be used as CPE
  4. The choice of CPE is based on feasibility of your location in our network
  5. The minimum security deposit for CPE is Rs 3,500/-
  6. The plan cost, as you wish to opt for.

How much time do you take for installation?

After your connection request reaches us, we try to reach out to you on the next day itself. However if there is any issue we reserve a maximum of upto 3 working days for installation.

How can I request for changing my subscription plan, disconnection, deactivation, transfer of devices etc.?

You can call us or drop a mail at support@vayudoot.in or call our help line.

What will the installation kit contain?

Vayudoot Installation Kit will contain:

  1. Outdoor Internet Receiver
  2. A 10m cable with 2 – RJ45 connectors (Extra cable will need to be paid for)
  3. POE Adapter
  4. Patch Cord

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, in case you are not happy, you can ask for refund upto 30 days from the day of activation of your connection. All costs except the installation cost will be refunded.

Our refund policy is:

  1. Within 1 month of connection activation: Full Refund of device security value.
  2. From 2nd month till 6 months of connection activation: 80% of device security value.
  3. From 6th month till 12 months of connection activation: 50% of device security value.
  4. From 12th month till 24th month of connection activation: 20% of device security value.
  5. Over 24 months from date of connection activation : No refund applicable

Refund amount will be reimbursed within 7-15 days after you have returned the network equipment and our technicians have tested that the equipment is in working condition.

The refund amount will be paid by cheque or netbanking to your account as desired by you.

What paperwork is required for getting a connection?

1) Passport size photo (self attested)

2) Residential Proof (Electricity Bill, Water bill, Banking Statement will do)

3) Permanent address ( Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Driving License etc will do)

What is your network coverage area?

Currently, our reach is in areas in and around Dharamsala, Kangra, Mcleodganj, Nagrota and Shahpur.

We are adding more areas in our network while you read this. 🙂


My Internet is not working

  1. Check that the network equipment provided by us is in the switched-on state i.e. all power lights are turned on properly
  2. If they are on, check for loose connections
  3. Otherwise, check your antenna for direction
  4. Try restarting the equipment and see if it works this time
  5. If your Internet still doesn’t work, call our helpline.

My Internet is running slow

  1. Reboot your devices
  2. Check your antenna for direction
  3. Check your pack validity for downgrade
  4. If it is still slow, call our helpline

I see a login screen

If you see the login screen, this mean you are reaching our servers and connected to Vayudoot network.

Check your account details, most likely your account validity would have expired.

Give us a call and we can renew your account.


What is the warranty period?

The warranty period for the equipment provided by us is 6 months. You don’t have an ownership right over the outdoor internet receiver, no liability for damage to that device is maintainable by us. However if in your premises any of the devices get hit by lightning or any sort of electronic damage physically is there, including liquid damages, the warranty does not hold. In case of anything else for the equipment provided to you the warranty period is as mentioned

What if I forget my password?

Give us a call and we will have it resolved.

If there is anything else that you need help about give us a call.


How can I pay my broadband installation charges and monthly bills?

You can either pay in cash to any technician who visits your locality or you can pay online or transfer the money via net banking not later than the 7th day of each month.

What are your payment terms?

If your payment does not reach us by the 7th day of each month, we give you a grace period of another 3 days and on the 10th day of the month, we deactivate your Vayudoot account.